Discipline / Instinct / Mastery ; TidBit

…Aussin addressing a debate over which was the “better” way to train Tantric sexual energy moving practices.

A)  Using the Will,  muscle contractions,  and visualization,  to direct the energy through specific channels, orbits, organs, or create other desired results.

B)  Relaxing and being consciously aware of the natural flow of the energies.  Letting them move, and act as they will,  and just enjoy the ride.


“Once discipline in the practice is applied enough, it becomes impulse. So in the longish run, your healthy systems of energy circulation, once worked for, become your primal instincts. The basis of kung fu is the same in tantra. Its all a game of retraining, through intention, discipline, and repetition. Installing a successful, sustainable program, where some other crappy pattern existed.

So…. both free expression of desire, and directed intention of chi, are the best most yummy path.  Two sides of a three sided coin.   Mastery being the third circular side.  And then.. your on a roll. ;) ”

Ser Aussin Elfchild IllumIKnight, At Your Service

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