Save for a Cause

Saving Money and Saving the World.

A few of the Illumiknights have been busy lately, working on a huge project quietly and away from the public eye.  That project was unveiled without fanfare yesterday.

I am talking about Save for a Cause, a new website that offers daily deals while supporting local non-profits.

This was a long time coming and came to me and Jessamyn in a rather sudden flash of inspiration.   We have wanted to support non-profits and charities more directly for several years.  Our other business, Get You Found, already donates marketing to local charities but we wanted to do something more direct and automatic.  We wanted to reach more non-profits than we could physically reach as 2 physical bodies.

People love to save money and with the recent recession they really need to.  Business owners need to get more people in the door without spending a fortune on advertising.  And non-profits are suffering for a lack of support and donations. With the advent of the concept of the Daily Deal online we saw the connection.  We would create a daily deal website that allows local businesses to offer great deals to local people.  Every time a deal is purchased a percentage of that purchase is pulled out and donated to a local non-profit that the customer chooses.

We set it up so that everyone wins – businesses, people, and non-profits.  How cool is that?

Check out the site, spread the word online, tell everyone you know about it and help us help more people around the country and around the world.

Sir Finius Lyn

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