An IK Curriculum teaser.

The IlumIKnight curriculum is, in part, a “Bell ringing system” for people who are at a crux in there lives, in which they are ready to make progress, but lack a format through which to learn and grow.
In these points, it is easy to waste valuable energy by over, or under, thinking oneself into analasys paralasis. A state of stuckness do to indecision, not a lack of energy or motivation.
With the IllumIKnight Curriculum, a person can always find a productive goal at hand.  And see how it will fit into a greater picture of personal development.
In the case of just post graduates, who are eager, and qualified to begin thier independant lives as productive citizens of Earth, the IK Curriculum offers   a sheltered harbor in a sea of possibilities.
In fact, many post graduates have been sheltered by routine, prepared foods, and the many luxurious accomadations of there parents homes, and school sites.  This formally “nurturing” environment is suddenly removed, leaving basic wordly survival skills, and nuances undevoped, but still very necisary.
The most basic foundations of theIK Curriculum address issues of super nutrition, time/energy management, eco home-ec,  project design and management, and active community involvement skills,  to name a few. All of which give a person amazing resources of will, and focus.

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