A Seeker turns to a Finder

“Well, it is good to be a seeker. But sooner or later you need to become a finder. And when you do, you must share what you have found with the world. I have sought long and hard, far and near, high and low, to discover that which I am. And the search may continue forever if need be. But I will state this. I know what I know! And I am who I am! And sharing is one of the few things I am very good at. And it happens to be my favorite activity here on earth. So I am a being seemingly nestling into my mastery. I am ready to teach, and be taught, more so than ever. And I am a being who is HAPPY being what I am. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health. The free will I have been given by God/Goddess, I use to fulfill their will here on earth, to the best of my understanding. And that will is love. So I do.”

Ser Aussin Elfchild Illumiknight at your service


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