The Elf and the Princess ; a Reflection

It aint exactly my life story…   But its happened more than once.

“lol. I know right…. in walks the cute elf boy. Swoops up the fancy of the young princess. She excitedly runs into the forest to play with me. As we get close she realizes things are not quite what they seemed before. I have not changed, but the world she just looked away from for a moment, dosnt quite seem right. She sees through lies which were thought to be her safety net only hours ago. She looks back and i say matter of factly…”you cant really have me, AND that rotting world. There is a new world emergent from the depth of loving creation. And we would love to have you there. Its great! But you are all but unprepared, and will have to keep up on your own. And PS- You have to believe it before you can fully see it.”

Ser Aussin Elfchild illumiknight,  At your service.

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