IllumIKnight & Friends is super excited about Festival season 11

Its almost late spring again. Which means costuming, crafting, plotting, and planning.  Another year of finding ways to reach the public with the Awesome Wisdoms, Skills, and Chi that we have been working so hard to cultivate.

Each IllumIKnight has there own way of Ministering their gifts to the world, and Summer is where most shine brightest.  So we are all juggling our schedules to see when/where we get to set up and offer our services.

Ser Aussin Elfchild IllumIKnight, at your service,  will be flowing with the Wookifoot Tour season again.  Bringing the highest vibes to the midwest.  He will be administering life level ups  in many ways, including,  the giant supply of Gems and Minerals he has been Blessing,  Cleansing,  Charging, and Matrixing, in the cosmic earth land of Sedona AZ.  The sacred Mystic paradise, and mana battery, used by shamans for thousands of years, to boost their prayers and rituals.

And the rocks are not the only thing being re-evolved by this beautiful red rock temple.  Ser Aussin is going through all the prep the rocks are, and more.  Conditioning himself to be a stronger  Healer, Guide, Artist, and Manifestor, then ever before.   He will be offering Reiki sessions,  Metaphysical story time,  Shamanic Massage sessions,  his “not yet famous, but blessed by many” RAW CHOCOLATE treats,  liquid Super Mineralizing “potions”, Consciousness provoking Music created by him and his friends, and various other World Healing themed Arts and Crafts.

Disguised as himself, acting as…   THE RED I  JEDI   (of the hill people?)                                                                         If you can find him, then maybe you can hire… The Elfchild!



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