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by Aussin

An IK Curriculum teaser.

The IlumIKnight curriculum is, in part, a “Bell ringing system” for people who are at a crux in there lives, in which they are ready to make progress, but lack a format through which to learn and grow.
In these points, it is easy to waste valuable energy by over, or under, thinking oneself into analasys paralasis. A state of stuckness do to indecision, not a lack of energy or motivation.
With the IllumIKnight Curriculum, a person can always find a productive goal at hand.  And see how it will fit into a greater picture of personal development.
In the case of just post graduates, who are eager, and qualified to begin thier independant lives as productive citizens of Earth, the IK Curriculum offers   a sheltered harbor in a sea of possibilities.
In fact, many post graduates have been sheltered by routine, prepared foods, and the many luxurious accomadations of there parents homes, and school sites.  This formally “nurturing” environment is suddenly removed, leaving basic wordly survival skills, and nuances undevoped, but still very necisary.
The most basic foundations of theIK Curriculum address issues of super nutrition, time/energy management, eco home-ec,  project design and management, and active community involvement skills,  to name a few. All of which give a person amazing resources of will, and focus.

by Aussin

A Seeker turns to a Finder

“Well, it is good to be a seeker. But sooner or later you need to become a finder. And when you do, you must share what you have found with the world. I have sought long and hard, far and near, high and low, to discover that which I am. And the search may continue forever if need be. But I will state this. I know what I know! And I am who I am! And sharing is one of the few things I am very good at. And it happens to be my favorite activity here on earth. So I am a being seemingly nestling into my mastery. I am ready to teach, and be taught, more so than ever. And I am a being who is HAPPY being what I am. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health. The free will I have been given by God/Goddess, I use to fulfill their will here on earth, to the best of my understanding. And that will is love. So I do.”

Ser Aussin Elfchild Illumiknight at your service


by Aussin

One Description of ILLUMIKNIGHT

Illumiknight Statement ( oldest draft)

Illuminkinght is a collective of dedicated people who are combining their energy, knowledge, labor, time, resources, and most of all, love, in the interest of presenting concepts, products, and experiences to the public.
These concepts, products, and experiences will take many diverse forms; but all of our presentations are specifically designed to be fun, educational, healthy, creative, inspirational, and sustainable.

Illumiknight harnesses the wisdoms of educators, healers, artists, musicians, farmers, yogis, trades folk, business folk, and athletes to reach its goal of presenting services which will help people towards becoming their best – all while having a great time.
One of the ideas which Illumiknight is founded on is that “People generally learn better, when they enjoy what, and how, they are learning.”

Through projects based in intelligent artistic expression, Illumiknight learns, shares, and teaches practically applicable solutions to modern and age-old dilemmas in the areas of ecological sustainability, human health, fitness and nutrition, personal and community interactions, and human, civil and animal rights.

Illumiknight as an organization, and its members as individuals, are committed to consistently furthering their own educations, and in improving on their skills.  Personal development is a cornerstone in the success of Illumiknight, and it is understood that to be a great teacher, one must also be a great student.
Members of Illumiknight focus on attending various classes throughout the weeks on and off the clock.  Training is tracked for personal reflection, as well as for company accountability.  These systems insure that the company and its members are as ready, and as possible, to be of appropriate service when a need arises.

In addition to running the curriculum, presenting the shows, and distributing the products, Illumiknight lends its energies to be of service where people are in need.  Helping provide food for, and raise the spirits of people who were homeless or displaced by Hurricane Katrina is one example of how we lent a hand.

by Aussin

The Suffering Virus ; A Reflection

“The problem with suffering is that it is a contagious mental virus.  Ive witnessed we do choose to translate pain, into suffering.  And that we dont have to. We can see it all as our lesson for that moment, and not take it personally.   However, like any virus, the idea To suffer, morphs with the time, and translates differently to everyone.  So it is hard to lock down and remedy on a case to case.
But fear not… We have the vaccine.  Forgiveness, Faith, and Unconditional Love.
You can get it over the counter now.  It works like a charm!”
4/15/10   Ser Aussin Elfchild Illumiknight at your service

by Aussin

The Elf and the Princess ; a Reflection

It aint exactly my life story…   But its happened more than once.

“lol. I know right…. in walks the cute elf boy. Swoops up the fancy of the young princess. She excitedly runs into the forest to play with me. As we get close she realizes things are not quite what they seemed before. I have not changed, but the world she just looked away from for a moment, dosnt quite seem right. She sees through lies which were thought to be her safety net only hours ago. She looks back and i say matter of factly…”you cant really have me, AND that rotting world. There is a new world emergent from the depth of loving creation. And we would love to have you there. Its great! But you are all but unprepared, and will have to keep up on your own. And PS- You have to believe it before you can fully see it.”

Ser Aussin Elfchild illumiknight,  At your service.

by Aussin

Discipline / Instinct / Mastery ; TidBit

…Aussin addressing a debate over which was the “better” way to train Tantric sexual energy moving practices.

A)  Using the Will,  muscle contractions,  and visualization,  to direct the energy through specific channels, orbits, organs, or create other desired results.

B)  Relaxing and being consciously aware of the natural flow of the energies.  Letting them move, and act as they will,  and just enjoy the ride.


“Once discipline in the practice is applied enough, it becomes impulse. So in the longish run, your healthy systems of energy circulation, once worked for, become your primal instincts. The basis of kung fu is the same in tantra. Its all a game of retraining, through intention, discipline, and repetition. Installing a successful, sustainable program, where some other crappy pattern existed.

So…. both free expression of desire, and directed intention of chi, are the best most yummy path.  Two sides of a three sided coin.   Mastery being the third circular side.  And then.. your on a roll. 😉 ”

Ser Aussin Elfchild IllumIKnight, At Your Service

by Aussin

IllumIKnight & Friends is super excited about Festival season 11

Its almost late spring again. Which means costuming, crafting, plotting, and planning.  Another year of finding ways to reach the public with the Awesome Wisdoms, Skills, and Chi that we have been working so hard to cultivate.

Each IllumIKnight has there own way of Ministering their gifts to the world, and Summer is where most shine brightest.  So we are all juggling our schedules to see when/where we get to set up and offer our services.

Ser Aussin Elfchild IllumIKnight, at your service,  will be flowing with the Wookifoot Tour season again.  Bringing the highest vibes to the midwest.  He will be administering life level ups  in many ways, including,  the giant supply of Gems and Minerals he has been Blessing,  Cleansing,  Charging, and Matrixing, in the cosmic earth land of Sedona AZ.  The sacred Mystic paradise, and mana battery, used by shamans for thousands of years, to boost their prayers and rituals.

And the rocks are not the only thing being re-evolved by this beautiful red rock temple.  Ser Aussin is going through all the prep the rocks are, and more.  Conditioning himself to be a stronger  Healer, Guide, Artist, and Manifestor, then ever before.   He will be offering Reiki sessions,  Metaphysical story time,  Shamanic Massage sessions,  his “not yet famous, but blessed by many” RAW CHOCOLATE treats,  liquid Super Mineralizing “potions”, Consciousness provoking Music created by him and his friends, and various other World Healing themed Arts and Crafts.

Disguised as himself, acting as…   THE RED I  JEDI   (of the hill people?)                                                                         If you can find him, then maybe you can hire… The Elfchild!



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